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The full collection of limited edition prints and remarques, including the Patrick O'Brian covers; Nelson's Ships; 'Fighting Sail 1773-1815'; The Kydd Collection; 'Speed Under Sail'.  Also original paintings and commissioning service.

Original paintings and limited edition prints by this highly distinguished marine artist, the creator of the covers of Alexander Kent's Richard Bolitho novels.   Commissioning service available. "..for me it is a great privilege that he lends his remarkable talent to his jacket paintings of my novels.  I feel certain that he will soon be recognised as one of the greatest living marine artists of our time."  Alexander Kent

Limited edition prints of the work of one of the greatest 20th-Century maritime artists. Chancellor's paintings are 'so detailed and accurate they are without doubt historic documents in their own right'.

Highly detailed and dramatic paintings of square-riggers and working ships by this award-winning maritime artist. Most available to view at Lullington or London.

This section is devoted to images of Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, his ships, battles, life and contemporaries.

Original watercolour paintings and limited edition prints.  Extraordinarily vivid and detailed depictions of  historical marine subjects...  Mark Myers is a Past-President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

 A series of vibrant and meticulous paintings of J-Class and historical working sail by the prize-winning RSMA maritime artist....

Paintings and limited edition prints of the America's Cup and classic yachting subjects by Steven Dews, Tim Thompson and Brian Jones.

Highly atmospheric and accurate watercolour paintings depicting square-riggers of the C18th and early C19th British Navy, including HMS Beagle, HMS Amphion, HMS Victory, HMS Resolution and HMS Foudroyant..

In this section we present original paintings by some of the finest British and American maritime artists, including James Brereton, Roy Cross RSMA, Roger Desoutter RSMA, Bob Grimson, Mark Myers RSMA, Martin Swan RSMA,  Jenny Morgan RSMA and Jeremy Rugge-Price

New work by one of the world's most accomplished marine artists.  "Roy transports us to a viewpoint from which we not only witness the moment visually, but also hear the creaking of the timbers and feel the strain of the stays..." Malcolm Henderson, the Moss Collection, USA.

Original paintings of  First World War and WW2 Naval subjects by Tony Cowland.  Detailed, dramatic depictions of British, French and American fighting ships in action...

Paul Wright's meticulous paintings of famous warships of the 20th-21st century. They represent the leading battleships, carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and submarines of the Royal Navy, the U.S Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Imperial German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, the Italian Navy and the French Navy.

Limited edition prints of historic maritime and naval subjects by classic marine artists, including John Chancellor, Derek Gardner, Mark Myers and Geoffrey Huband. Also open edition prints by Roy Cross and Montague Dawson - one of greatest 20th Century painters of the sea and the deep ocean.
Limited edition etchings and silkscreen prints by some of the most talented contemporary British maritime artists, including Donald Hamilton Fraser, Graham Clark, Richard Tuff, Emma Dunbar and John McNulty.

Paintings and prints of the British coast and the sea by fine maritime artists, including Roy Cross RSMA and Peter Rush...

Limited edition etchings of seascapes and boating life by author, illustrator and humorist Graham Clarke - one of Britain's most popular and best-selling printmakers. His meticulous etchings capture the essence English maritime life.

Meticulous and highly realistic paintings on yachting subjects by the distinguished marine artist Toby Boothman.

Original signed linocuts.  "Dodds blends imagination, empathy and sheer graft to produce paintings and prints which, in their immaculate detail and integrity of form, express both the physical and metaphysical nature of handmade wooden boats..."  The Independent.

A series of limited edition prints of classic yachting subjects.  Vibrant depictions of dramatic moments at Les Voiles de St.Tropez, Régates Royales,  and the Westward and Pendennis Cups. 

All engravings for sale in this gallery have been struck from the original antique copper plates on traditional intaglio presses. Marine subjects include New York Harbour, Boston Harbour, The Fighting Temeraire and USS Constitution. .. .

In this gallery we highlight a series of  recommended limited edition prints and paintings by a range of RSMA artists, including Geoff Hunt, Roy Cross, Mark Myers, and Jenny Morgan.  Other artists include Steven Dews, Bob Grimson and Jamie Medlin.

In this section you will find some highly desirable collectables, including exquisite models of HMS Surprise, HMS Agamemnon and HMS Victory.

Eccentric, humorous, quirky - the coast and maritime life as depicted by Graham Clarke, Norman Thelwell and Alister Colley

 We present a fine pair of original oils by this 20th-Century marine artist.  Ian McLean is known for his accurate and painterly depictions of historical marine subjects in oil on canvas.


Limited edition photography of maritime subjects by Jenny Okun, Kos and other highly talented photographers of ships, yachts, boats and the Sea.

In this section you can offer for sale and buy marine paintings, prints and ship models.

In this new section we present a selection of books of particular interest to those who love maritime history and marine art.

A series of articles about collecting marine art:  Marine Art - From the Romantic period onwards... 

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